Sonja Radjenovic, MSc

Doctoral candidate

Room: O3.57

Office hours: by appointment

Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology

Liebiggasse 5

1010 Vienna

Research interests

  • Age and important life events
  • COVID-19 and the experience of important life events
  • Motivational processes in the context of important life events
  • Personality and the experience of important life events
  • Socio-motivational development in adulthood

Academic career

2020 Research assistant, image-based brain function diagnostics and therapy, Department of Neurology at the Medical University of Vienna
2018 Intern, neuropsychological diagnostics, Ambulanz für Gedächtnisstörungen und Demenzerkrankungen (department of memory disorders and dementias) at the Department of Neurology (Vienna General Hospital)
2017 Research assistant, neuropsychological diagnostics and research project Validity of the Cookie Theft Picture Test for Early Detection of Dementia, Institut für Studien zur Psychischen Gesundheit (department of studies on psychological well-being) in Mannheim
2016 Research assistant, research project ActiveAge – Physical Activity and Subjective Ageing When Transitioning into Retirement, Department of Psychological Ageing Research at the University of Heidelberg


2019 Master’s degree in Psychology, Department of Cognition, Emotion and Methods in Psychology, University of Vienna

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